Edit Outputs and Outcomes

The purpose of this section is to outline the agreements made between your organization and the Foundation about the work products and results that are expected over the life of the grant.
There are five “Output” fields and five “Outcome” fields in this section. Please note that you do not need to have an output or outcome for every field provided. It is fine to leave some fields blank. Please make sure, however, not to list multiple outputs or outcomes in any single field.

For detailed guidance, see our Grantee Output and Outcomes Resource.

Enter up to 5 Outputs and 5 Outcomes using the fields: (Character Limit: 5,000 for each output and outcome)

  • Output 1
  • Output 2 
  • Output 3
  • Output 4
  • Output 5

  • Outcome 1
  • Outcome 2 
  • Outcome 3
  • Outcome 4
  • Outcome 5

*The boxes appear large, but one or two sentences is all that is expected.