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If you would like an optional budget and narrative template, you can find both linked at the top of the attachments tab. 

You can also find the link to the Diversity Data form at the top of the attachments tab. Please submit this form as an attachment if your organization does not currently display its Diversity Data in its GuideStar profile.

Barr’s Approach to Supporting Full Costs

While the budget template specifically asks for information on direct and indirect program/project costs, we recognize that, as funders, one of the more important roles we can play is to understand the full costs incurred by organizations when we support them (not just those costs directly associated with implementation of a particular project). We encourage you to discuss with your program officer how to structure our grants in ways that address those embedded costs, build organizational strength, and encourage attention to the financial health of our partners. Barr is interested in the success of the program as well as the operational needs of the organization to execute this program successfully.

We are not looking for a specific ratio. We are interested to learn the full cost needs of delivering the program.

To learn more about the principles that guide Barr’s approach to grantmaking, please click here

Barr requires the following supplemental information to be available in GuideStar or submitted as an attachment. Use the Attachments Tab to upload the following documents as needed to supplement your organization’s GuideStar profile.

Use the Attachments Tab to upload the following documents: 

  • Program or Capital Budget: If seeking project or capital support as opposed to general operating support, include an income and expense budget for each fiscal year for which you are seeking project or capital support. If this is a multi-year project, please specify the yearly preferred breakdown of grant funding allocation requested from the Barr Foundation.
  • Current Board Member List
  • Independent Audit/Account Review
  • Organization Budget
  • Year-To-Date Actual-to-Budget Comparison
  • Fundraising Information: Provide a list of companies, foundations, and government entities being approached to fund this proposal, including dollar amounts requested and an indication of which sources are committed, pending, or anticipated.
  • Most Recent Form 990
  • Diversity Data Form
  • Other Relevant Document(s): Please use this option to upload your grant description, any context to other information that is not provided in GuideStar, etc.

  • Please note that attachments must be under 5MB to be uploaded through the grantee portal.
  • Accepted file types are - .xls .xlsx .pdf .doc .docx.  
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