Final Reports

Grantee Reports are accessible by clicking the down arrow in the Full Proposals section

To edit your Final Reports

  1. Click the Edit icon
  2. Final reports have the check box checked

The Request Details Tab will be auto-populated

The Final Grant Report Tab has three fields of questions for you to answer:

  1. What were the outcomes that resulted from this grant (e.g., planning  documents, staff knowledge or capacity, new leadership, etc.)? What  was/is the impact on your organization, and how do you know?
  2. Did  your organization encounter challenges or setbacks during the  implementation of this work? If so, please describe them, how you  addressed them, and what you learned.
  3. What other unexpected results or key learnings were associated with your work?                            

The Outputs and Outcomes section of the interim report allows you to update against each agreed upon output and outcome.

The Attachments tab allows you to upload your Budget to Actual  Revenues and Expenses for the last 12 months, Independent Audit/Account  Review, Most Recent Annual Report and another Relevant Document.

  • Budget-to-Actual Revenues and Expenses
  • Independent Audit/Account Review
  • Most Recent Annual Report
  • Other Relevant Document
  1. Click the Choose File button to select the document from your computer
  2. No file chosen will be replaced with the name of your file
  3. Click the Upload button to upload your file 
  4. Use the Delete button to remove a document and start over  

Please note that attachments must be under 5MB to be uploaded through the grantee portal.

When naming files to upload as part of your application or report, please refrain from using any symbols (&, $, %, _, - etc.). A symbol in the file name will cause an error upon upload.