Barr Foundation Grantee Portal AmendmentHow to Amend a Full Proposal

How to Amend a Full Proposal

Full Proposal Grants can be amended if they are in an awarded or submitted grant status

1. Click on Full Proposals in the left hand navigation 

2. Click on the Amend icon 

3. You will be prompted "Are you sure you want to create this record?" Click OK

4. You will be asked to acknowledge you have received approval from your Program Officer to amend this previously approved grant. Select Yes from the dropdown list if you have received approval from your Program Officer. 

5. You can now modify the 5 Outcomes and 5 Outputs associated with your grant:

  • You will be provided with the original language for each Outcome and Output 
  • These are labeled as Outcome or Output as originally stated - appended by your original outcome text 
  • A Modification to Outcome or Output field is provided where you can enter in the amended text 

6. Once you have completed entering the amended Outcomes and Outputs click the Save button at the bottom of the screen to Save your changes 

7. Review what you have entered to ensure it is correct and click the Review / Submit button at the top of the page 

8. Review the Requested Modification and click the Submit button 

9. You will be asked to confirm your submission. Click OK to submit. 

10. You and the Barr Foundation staff will receive an email informing them of your grant modification submission